A lot of users wanted to know who are the brains behind SDR# and instead of letting them speculating I decided to publish the list.
The main application without plugins is the work of two people:

Youssef Touil

  • Initial project setup
  • DSP Core (What processes the radio data and renders audio etc.)
  • The Waterfall and Spectrum Analyzer components
  • GUI logic (What happens when you click/hover a component)
  • Plugin system
  • SoftRock support
  • FUNcube Dongle Pro support
  • RTL-SDR support
  • Quality Assurance

Ian Gilmour (MM6DOS)

  • Many valuable DSP Optimizations
  • Plugin system
  • FUNcube Dongle Pro+ support
  • RFSPACE’s SDR-IQ support
  • Audio/Baseband recorder plugin
  • Quality Assurance

The optional plugins have been contributed by these people:

Tony BenBrahim (K5DEV)

  • Frequency manager plugin


  • RTL TCP plugin

“BzztPloink” (lazydodo.com)

  • Initial wav recorder code

6 Responses to Contributors

  1. kinetic says:

    Hi. I’m David from Kinetic Avionics Limited, the designers and producers of the SBS-3 ADS-B receiver with dual SDR tuners. We’ve admired the SDR# application for some time and now we’ve just released a plug-in to allow the SBS-3 to work with SDR#. It’s certainly made our office much more fun and were enjoying all the features that SDR# offers. The plug-in is available from our site.

    We’ve integrated it so that SDR# will work concurrently alongside our Basestation plotting application and we’re interested in any feedback about what we can do to offer either further or better integration with SDR#.

    So a big thank you to the SDR# development team.



    • Youssef says:

      Hi David,

      I’m glad you have had some fun with SDR#. The source plugin interface is very simple (for the time being) and can be implemented for virtually any SDR hardware in a few minutes. I can eventually integrate yours to the mainline if you’re OK with that.


  2. UT2UU says:

    I started working on Skimmer plugin for SDRSharp. It will synchronize LO friquency between SDRSharp and Afreet CW Skimmer software. It based on code of Friquency manager Plugin.
    I want to share my code with community. How I can join the development team and gain write permission to SVN ?
    73! UT2UU

  3. qx80962 says:


    After installation I receive only noise on all bands (105.2 MHz). Hartware The 2832U is a RTL and R 820T USB stick. Windows
    What is wrong? Thanks for Help

    • sigsdr says:

      First of all, what antenna do you have connected?
      If you are hearing noise, that is a GOOD thing. The issue therefore is not SDR# but the dongle and or the antenna.

      The stock that comes with most USB dongles is only good for a very specific freq. range (tv)
      Please connect it to an appropriate antenna and mode (WFM) for 105.2 FM. Let me know how this goes.

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