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SDR# (SDRSharp) is released under the MIT license for the GUI and the plugin parts, and under the MS-RSL for the DSP.
As such, you can:

  • Create, Modify and Redistribute plugins
  • Create, Modify and Redistribute the GUI in both its binary and source code forms under a different name (it’s no longer SDR#!) preserving the original copyrights and licenses

But you cannot:

  • Modify or Redistribute the DSP (SDRSharp.Radio.dll and its corresponding code)

Important note for RTL-SDR users
You can use this quick installation script to test the latest development version:
A step by step installation instructions can be found in the community website:
To get started with SDR# you may be interested by the excellent document from Henry (N2VFL) :

Feel free to ask your questions in this page, on SDR#’s Yahoo! group or on #sdrsharp @ freenode.


205 Responses to Downloads

  1. pippo42 says:

    Please sdr S METER level gain

  2. spector40 says:

    I tried to run SDR# on a HP server, but I get the error “object reference not set to an instance of an object”.
    After googling it seems that SDR# cannot run without an audio card installed.
    Is there a way to correct this in the config file or other solution?

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