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SDR# (SDRSharp) is released under the MIT license for the GUI and the plugin parts, and under the MS-RSL for the DSP.
As such, you can:

  • Create, Modify and Redistribute plugins
  • Create, Modify and Redistribute the GUI in both its binary and source code forms under a different name (it’s no longer SDR#!) preserving the original copyrights and licenses

But you cannot:

  • Modify or Redistribute the DSP (SDRSharp.Radio.dll and its corresponding code)

Important note for RTL-SDR users
You can use this quick installation script to test the latest development version:
A step by step installation instructions can be found in the community website:
To get started with SDR# you may be interested by the excellent document from Henry (N2VFL) :

Feel free to ask your questions in this page, on SDR#’s Yahoo! group or on #sdrsharp @ freenode.


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  1. Deske76 says:


    Unfortunately, the new 460 version is the same error.
    Does not start in Windows 7

  2. Deske76 says:

    Hi Youssef!

    I downloaded the new 459 version, but Windows 7 will not start.
    Trouble is: Sharp SDR operation is stopped, the windows looking for the problem.

    In the previous 451 version went perfectly.

    What has happened?

    Thank you for your answer

  3. Hank Smith says:

    Hello I am visually impaired and use a screen reader it allows a blind person to use a computer. can you please considder adding labels to the controls and adding keyboard shortcuts to your program? I am unable to tell what is what when I tab around the screen and also have no what edit box is what. thanks Hank

    • Youssef says:


      I personally have never developed applications for the visually impaired. There are some constraints I should learn before doing anything.
      May be adding tooltips can help? In any case, check the download page as often as possible for new features.


  4. gloubiboulga says:

    Hi Youssef.

    Excellent software full of future.
    I use essentially FC0013 because these tuners work fine 22 in 1700 Mhz without the hole between 1,1 and 1,25 Ghz.
    I noticed that SDR# does not manage any more the PLL below 33 or 34 Mhz.
    Think you be able to improve this problem of management of the FC0013 ?

    Still thank you for all this work !

  5. M0UPU says:


    A fantastic program keep up the good work. I also get the above error on the last two dev releases when switching frequency. Do you have any sort of bug logging system ?

    A memory system so you could just fire it up and go would be great.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Shebnik says:


    last two development releases have a new error. When I enter new frequency, I can get one or another error (it’s ok to press continue – it keeps working).

    [Message truncated]

  7. hb9ezf says:

    Would be good to mention that the .Net framework 3.5 is required. My PC has 4.0 and the program quit with a non informative message. After getting the source in C# , the compiler (VC#10 express) warned about the wrong framework. After a recompile SDR# is running fine.

    73, Wim

  8. ivan555 says:

    My very very big THANK YOU for developing this software. I noticed frequency correction in frontend, bravo!

    Is it possible to produce ExtIO_RTLSDR.dll suitable for use with PowerSDR and WRPlus every time you release new dll frontend for SDR#? I tried to rename dll and use in PowerSDR, but without success…

  9. radiolistener says:

    (FC0012_Write(pTuner, 0×13, 0×10) Set to High Gain
    (FC0012_Write(pTuner, 0×13, 0×08) Set to Middle Gain
    (FC0012_Write(pTuner, 0×13, 0×00) Set to Low Gain

    See more:

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