The code of the DSP is released under the MS-RSL license. This basically grants you the right to view the code for your own education, but you cannot redistribute it or redistribute modified copies (derived works.)
The rest of the application is under the MIT license.


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  1. videoality says:

    Hi is there a plugin for scanning? Where may I find this?

  2. fmalem says:

    if i want to get larger bandwidth more than 32000 what should i do ?

  3. beta-tester says:

    hi, i have a feature request.
    sometimes, when i tune to a channel it happens, that there is kind of “crosstalk/reflection/noise” only when it it “tuned” to the middle or on the left/right border of the visible spectrum view. the best results i get, when it is tuned somewhere in between.
    so i made a quick and dirty modification of the trunk copy to be able to shift the center frequency without changing the tuned frequency by holding “SHIFT”-key while drag.
    see video for that, what i mean:

    my feature request is now, is it possible to add this functionality to your official trunk (with better performance than like my quick and dirty)?
    AND add the possibility to save/edit/recall frequencies with its center frequency to be able to restore exact the same frequency / center frequency pair for the reason i told in the start of the post – to ensure the best tune quality?

    to me it would be very useful.
    ENV: Windows 7 64bit, TrekStor Terres 2.0(a)

  4. Kvasir says:

    Just a fast question. Why RTL-SDR/USB is commented out in App.config (Revision 1121)? I use it that was (not tcp/ip way), Are there any problems with rtlsdr.dll ?

  5. Jervis says:

    Good day,
    I have a problem with compilation.
    I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ultimate. Source code has been downloaded from your website, using SVN.
    When I run the compilation of VS 2012 displays the following message: type initializer “PortAudioSharp.PortAudioAPI” threw an exception. The detailed information about the error says: “Unable to load DLL \” portaudio \ “: The specified module could not be found.”
    As I understand it lacks library portaudio.dll. But I am not to understand how to install / connect.
    But if I’m wrong about portaudio.dll, as I then succeed to compile?
    If you want I can make screenshots.

  6. msilveus says:

    I’ve got a problem with executing the code I just pulled from the SVN server. When I try to run in debug mode it pops up an error message. I’m using VS 2010 express SP1. Here’s the detail of the error:

    System.BadImageFormatException was unhandled
    (Message cropped)

    Hope you can help direct me to a solution.


  7. arie says:

    Good day,

    as I was looking at the SDR# source code I noticed a thing which was/is not clear to me.
    Looking at e.g. the SpectrumAnalyser.Render() function and then especially at the _useSmoothing part, it seems to me 2 different buffers (with different sizes) are compared. The final (‘attacked’ and ‘decayed’) data in _spectrum (with size _fftBins) seems based on 1:1 input from the buffer _temp with length spectrum.length.
    I hope I am incorrect. Unfortunately till now I do not see where I go wrong,

  8. arie says:

    Hmm, maybe I am missing something, but when trying to import the svn archive a username and password authenticationis asked for.

    What username and password to use ?


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